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If you are tired of gimmicks and are looking for a fresh approach to meeting your health and fitness goals, KAAOS Gym is for you. KAAOS will impact the way you think about fitness and training and will unlock your performance potential.

KAAOS will offer beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes a unique training setting where they can tap into a proven methodology from IMG Academy and Training for Warriors. We can meet the needs of individuals at any level and help them improve their performance and fitness without taking shortcuts.

Our training is delivered by certified professional trainers who will create a fitness program to meet your needs, whatever your level and age, whether you are a first-timer at a gym or a seasoned athlete. Attention to personal goals and “unlocking the athlete in everyone” are at the core of our system, which provides for a level of continuous innovation absent from many other training systems. From physical conditioning to mental training and nutrition education, KAAOS Gym will deliver a comprehensive approach to athletic/fitness training.

Trainers will use a systematic approach for improving your fitness and athletic performance using an Open Architecture Road Map that will maximize your performance, health, and fitness potential. We teach everyone never to accept that where you are is the best you can be. There is always a new level that can be reached and there is always something more you can do to improve your performance and fitness level via purposeful training. KAAOS will continue to change the content and focus of training to meet the continually changing needs of the participants, to ensure that your goals are being met, and to avoid getting bored with your fitness routines. Our classes/training combine basic exercise principles with a unique brand of training to create intense classes that leave participants clamoring for more.

Aspiring to be better every day keeps you motivated to work hard and pursue next level goals. Our trainers will inspire you through purposeful training, innovative programming, and logical progressions ("Train to improve; Train to gain; Train to perform") that avoid injury at all costs.

Core Values:
  • Passion
  • Being the Best
  • Credibility
  • Determination
  • Professionalism
  • Making a Difference
  • Commitment
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Team Player

Mission Statement: To be the undisputed training center in Washington, DC for competitive athletes, kids, weekend warriors and anybody who wants to look, feel and train like a athlete: To provide outstanding customer service and achieve results through dedication and excellence.

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